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“Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life”

We got off to a a rather rough start at the beginning of the year because of the uncooperative weather, but we did get some great things accomplished once we got going. We held a Fellow Craft Degree on January 17th, followed by a Master Mason Degree on February 21st. At the end of March, Most Worshipful Brother Theodore Nelson, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut, presented the Second Section Master Mason Lecture (including tracing boards) for the benefit of the brothers, especially Brother Shawn Howard, our most recent Master Mason.

At our April 4th meeting, St. Paul’s Lodge hosted a joint stated communication with King Solomon’s Lodge No. 7, which featured a fantastic Game Dinner Table Lodge prepared by our resident master chef, Brother Jamie Fisher, Senior Deacon. As in past years, Jamie and his team again distinguished themselves for their culinary and presentation skills, and received rave reviews from all in attendance. If you haven’t experienced one of Brother Jamie’s game dinners, you should definitely plan to attend next year.

On May 2nd, we held our annual Rusty Nail Degree. The intent of the Order of the Rusty Nail is to restore and revive the interest of brothers who have been absent from Lodge activities for a while by refreshing their memories of the rituals of the three Blue Lodge degrees. Participants are guided to revisit the ceremonies they experienced when they were raised. Brothers Clifford Wheeler, Dennis Murphy and Darren Murphy participated in this year’s Rusty Nail Degree which was performed by the three principal officers of the Lodge.

On Saturday, May 9th, several brothers, as well as Masons from Seneca Lodge No. 55 and Montgomery Lodge No 13, participated (dressed in full regalia, red bow ties and red high heel shoes) in the first annual Susan B. Anthony Walk-A-Mile In My Shoes fund-raising event on the Litchfield Green. The project supported SBA Project’s mission of raising awareness and resources to combat sexual and domestic violence. The walk route passed directly in front of St. Paul’s Lodge.

If you haven’t been by St. Paul’s in quite a while, you will see at the front of the building has a new stained glass window depicting St. Paul as well as another smaller, circular window above it that contains the Masonic Square and Compasses. At night these windows are illuminated and are as striking as they are beautiful. They are an asset to St. Paul’s Lodge and the community. You will also notice that our Lodge building is in the process of getting new siding and paint as well as new signs over the main entrance and on the front of the building. You have probably heard that many people living in the area have been unaware that our building is a Masonic Temple. While Freemasonry does have secrets, from now on our Lodge will not be one of them.

Our thanks go out to Worshipful Brothers Phil Birkett, Mark Dzurnak, Chuck Harrell and Jan Guidess for their time and effort to coordinate these important improvements.

Thanks to Brother Ken Buckbee, Junior Deacon, St Paul’s Lodge now has a powerful social media presence. Ken has worked tirelessly to build our Lodge website and Facebook page for which we have received numerous compliments. Both sites have been receiving a lot of activity from current and prospective members, and we have received several petitions as a result of these highly effective social media tools. Please take a minute to check them out.
Facebook page

At our October 3, 2018 stated communication we will be holding an Awards Dinner and Ceremony. This event will be held to recognize brothers who have achieved membership milestones of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 50-plus years in addition to presenting individual awards for exemplary and praiseworthy contributions to St. Paul’s Lodge. The event will be complimentary to all brothers and their guests. Invitations have been sent to all members. Please take a moment to reply promptly so that we can plan effectively.

August 22nd: S.C. & program titled: “How Powerful is Masonic Brotherhood?”
September 5th: S.C. & Entered Apprentice Degree with Lodge Inspection
October 3rd: S.C. & Awards Dinner and Ceremony
October 17th: S.C. & program featuring a presentation on York Rite Freemasonry
October 20th: “Ladies at the Table” Dinner and Ceremony at La Cupola Ristorante in Bantam

Two long-standing brothers of St. Paul’s Lodge recently laid down their working tools:
Brother Harold F. Bunnell (56-year Mason) obituary
Brother Avery W. Skilton (69-year Mason) obituary